Project Description
A simple, read-only Quickboard (aka Dashboard) for Conchango's Scrum for Team System TFS Template (

Think 10 foot Interface/Dashboard for Scrum for Test System

This project is in no way assoicated, linked, controled by, a risk for, etc, etc


In my day life, my team uses the very cool (SfTS) TFS template. While it does almost everything we need, the one thing I wanted to see was a very quick dashboard like screen with some general Sprint summary information. The Sprint Burn down, PBI and SBI counts and hours, etc. Something I could keep on and running in the team room next to our Build Status screen...

So I wrote one.

This is a work in progress and is very tightly coupled to the SfTS. I am using this project as a tool to help me and my team manage our Sprints, as means to learn WPF, MVVM, and the TFS API (with a little SQL Server Reporting Services fun mixed in).

Dev/Tech Notes

This is a Model-View-View Model (MVVM) based WPF application.
This application consumes the TFS API.
Links and resources that were critical in making this happen

Special Note
To reemphasize the point, I, and this project, are not directly associated with or the project. I'm just a consumer of the template and trying to add a little value and give a little back...

Personal Note
This is my first WPF, MVVM and TFS API project so the code is pretty ugly.... Be kind...


Main Form

Options Dialog

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